Mohamad Elwan

Mohamad Elwan

Thanks for passing by! I'm Mohamad . I appreciate the value of direct and professional communication. Thus, here I am for you.

As a businessman, I’m interested in management, marketing, training, and Self-Building (human development). I spend most of my time venturing into projects, research, and development in the aforementioned fields.

18 years and counting, my passion for reading, exploring, and training is strong and growing.

Innovation runs in my blood; that’s why I’m always seeking new solutions in the fields that I admire. My life and travels within Canada, Europe, and the Middle East has helped me quite frankly in this regard.

And that’s not all! I’m always on the lookout for what’s new. My compass through any venture is my principles: partnership, openness, innovation, and specialization.

My family remains the source of my inspiration in lively Vancouver as I'm looking out for what’s next in my life.

I’m looking forward to meeting you here, or in your city during one of my business trips.
In my website, you will find some of my registered innovations and widespread contributions.

I wish you the best

سعدت بمرورك واهتمامك، أنا محمد وأتواصل معك شخصيا لأني أقدر رقي ومعنى التواصل المهني المباشر.

كرجل أعمال مهتم بالإدارة والتسويق والتدريب وعلم بناء الذات، أقضي معظم وقتي بمتابعة المشاريع والتطوير والبحث في هذه المجالات.

يوما بعد يوم وعلى مدى ١٨ عاما يزداد حبي للقراءة والتجريب والتدريب.

أكثر ما أحب في نفسي أني حاولت ومازلت منهمكا بابتكارات جديدة تخدم المجالات التي عشقتها!

ساعدني في ذلك تواجدي ورحلاتي حول العالم في كندا وأوروبا والشرق الأوسط.

ومازلت أتطلع للمزيد من خلال تفكير أساسه: التشارك، الانفتاح، الابتكار، التخصصية. بأجواء عائلتي تبقى فانكوفر كندا مصدر إلهام وانطلاقة لأعمالي ومشاريعي.

وأتطلع للقائي بك فيها أو في أي مدينة خلال جولاتي التدريبية. ستجد في موقعي هذا بعض مساهمتي وابتكاراتي المسجلة والتي أفخر بانتشارها حول العالم.

Business Activities

Business Activities
  • 20%


  • 25%


  • 25%

    Innovating & Authoring

  • 30%

    Business Managing

Executive Director
Canada Global Centre


Canadian professional in the fields of management and performance consultation.

Master of Business Administration (MBA), New York Institute of Technology.

12+ years of experience in:

-Business systems analysis.

-Customer satisfaction.

-Projects, organizations, and training courses management.

-Training evaluation and enhancement using IMAS system.

-Training standards writing and development.

-Action plans preparation and implementation.

-Human resources systems and policies development.

-Customized business and IT solutions to meet specific client needs.

-Weight-based evaluation system development using algorithms.

Completed projects include:

Breaking into Markets - marketing and business planning - used by:

-Libya Communication Company - Libya.

-Saline Water Corporation - Saudi Arabia.

-Culture Festival Event - Toronto, Canada.

A to Z Training Courses Management System - used by:

-Canada Global Centre - Vancouver, Canada.

-Vancouver Centre - Amman, Jordan.

-POWER 5 Model - post ToT trainer development - used by:

-Canada Global Centre - Vancouver, Canada.

-Saline Water Conversion Corporation - Saudi Arabia.

International Standards of Instructional Design Evaluation System - used by:

-Canada Global Centre - Vancouver, Canada.

-Ministry of Interior Affairs - Amman, Jordan.

-Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


May 2013

Masters of Business Administration
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), NY, USA

June 2008

Bachelor of Arts, Major: Political Science
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Jan 14 – Present

Executive Director of Canada Global Centre
Canada Global Consulting and Training Centre Ltd.

Dec 10 – Dec 13

Training Manager & Training Packages Specialist
Canada Global Consulting and Training Centre Ltd.

Sep 09 – Nov 10

Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant
VanGate Immigration Services, Toronto, ON, Canada

Oct 06 – Sep 07

Product Specialist
Best Buy, Richmond, BC, Canada


Training Course System development.

Instructional design specialist by IMAS.

Contributed in making and preparing the Breaking into Markets (BIM) Training Package from Canada Global Centre.

Developing quality check points, business projects’ guidelines, procedures, & action plans.

Professional interaction with clients providing customized solutions to fit their needs.

Interactive design expert.

Microsoft Office Specialist – Master Certificate.

9 years experience in administrative and office environment.

Lean information gathering and analyzing.

Professional linguistic skills in English and Arabic.


Business theory, Technology, Politics


Address: Vancouver, Canada

Phone Number: +1 (778) 898-5133


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